School Leaver Cover Letter Example

This 5 – 6 paragraph cover letter example has been drafted for a school leaver who is seeking an apprenticeship at a Digital Marketing Agency. It shows how you can meet the requirements of the person specification by referring to projects completed in your studies, your portfolio and even an external website. This gives you more scope than two printed sheets – it allows you to showcase your skills and experience visually. You can find out more about apprenticeships and search for opportunities on the website.

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School leaver cover letter example

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55, Green Avenue,
Nottingham NG5 3DX

Axiom Marketing Agency
44 The Grange
Nottingham NG5 2FF

4th November 2021

Dear Sir or Madam

Re: Axiom School Leaver Position – Marketing

I am writing in response to your advertisement for your School Leaver Marketing Position on

I have recently completed my A levels in Digital Media & Design (A), English (B), Media Studies (B) and Psychology (B). I also hold 9 GCSEs including English (A) and Maths (B).

I have built up a portfolio during my studies which included designing my own website using HTML/CSS, researching and developing proposals for both an app and new type of learning environment, and creating an app using Unity 3D. My portfolio demonstrates my ability to consistently produce quality work, and highlights a range of skills which I have further detailed on the attached CV.

During my studies I worked on various team projects, taking different roles and adapting my approach to foster effective working relationships. We met a range of challenges and worked together to find the most efficient and practical means of overcoming them.

Outside of school, I have gained experience producing a range of marketing materials for both my family’s business and other local businesses using Adobe Illustrator. Studying 4 A Levels whilst helping clients on their projects helped me develop excellent communication and organisation skills.

I am confident in working with clients to create designs for print media (leaflets, cards, booklets, newspaper adverts) and digital media (Facebook cover photos, banners, Instagram promotions). Some examples of this work can be found on my website. I am a good problem solver and actively look for solutions to customer problems, such as creating cheap effective advertising on a budget or finding better ways to track ROI.

I believe that my studies and experience to date make me an excellent fit for your apprenticeship opportunity and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely

Hallie Charles

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