Store Assistant Cover Letter Example

This 5-paragraph store assistant cover letter example is easily adaptable to a range of retail positions. It has been drafted from the position of a school leaver who has no paid work experience, showing how voluntary work can demonstrate a range of transferable skills.

Sales Assistant Cover Letter Example

This cover letter example is for a Sales Assistant role. With 4 – 5 paragraphs, it explains why the candidate is seeking another job and outlines their current (minimal) work experience. It is a simple cover letter that could easily be adapted to a very wide range of retail roles.

Retail customer service advisor cover letter

Retail Customer Advisor Cover Letter Example

This cover letter is suitable for a Retail Customer Advisor position. With 5 – 6 paragraphs, it explains the reason why the candidate is looking for a new position and how their previous experience meets the requirements of the target role.

Admin Cover Letter Example

This 6-paragraph admin cover letter example provides a response to an advert for an Administrative role. The example is for an Administrator at a Primary School, but this sample covering letter is easily adapted to similar admin positions.

Legal Secretary Cover Letter Example - preview

Legal Secretary Cover Letter Example

This 7-paragraph cover letter is a great example of how to respond to an advert for a Legal Secretary position. It explains where the job advert was seen, before identifying the candidate’s experience and how they are suitable for the position.